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Other Collaborations

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Here's a random sampling of collaborations that I have done with many different people from all over the globe:

Funeral for a Friend/Love Lies Bleeding (Elton John) This is my all-time favorite song, and I've wanted to do a cover of it since I first heard it back in 1973.  I recently finished this, and am indebted to Myles Loud, who did the vocals and bass, and Mike Dattilo, who did the guitar tracks.
Take Me To The Pilot (Elton John) This one isn't a collaboration yet - it's just me.  Hope to round up some players to re-do this with vocals and guitar someday.
The Last Breath of August This song was written by my friend Corey - we hooked up at,  He is a terrific guitarist, and his talent at the mixer blows me away.  This was the first song of his that we collaborated on - I just did the piano track.  I always look forward to his creations.
A Wish Or A Prayer This is another of Corey's beautiful songs, and again, I supplied the piano.
Walk Away Yet another of Corey's tunes, with me on piano (a pattern is developing here - LOL!).
Love on a Summer Day I wrote the backing for this song, and did the piano, drums and acoustic rhythm tracks (all on the Clavinova).  Myles Loud wrote the lyrics and sang, and Bob Ingram contributed the guitar tracks.  It came out with kind of a "Joe Cocker meets the Allman Brothers" flavor.   These guys can make even me sound good!
Muses My good friend Sergio Vuskovic wrote this song, and asked me to do a little synth work and drums for it.  Serg is a talented musician with a style all his own.  I always get a kick out of working with his tunes, and look forward to his latest creations.
Kalija This song was written, produced and sung by Doc Wilson, one of the coolest cats on the planet.  I don't know if I've ever seen anybody look so at home in front of a mic.  Casper Gomez did the sweet guitar tracks, and I provided the piano and organ tracks.   
Rest In Peace I wrote this song for a friend when his father passed away a couple of years ago.  My friend David Arendjelovic from the UK wrote the lyrics and sang.
Infinite Horizons This song was written and played by an amazing young man named Ben Litchman.  He was 15 when we did this last year - he asked me to do a couple of piano solos for the middle of it.  Ben's influences include anything from Chopin to Frank Zappa, and he writes some incredibly complex music.
Downfall A gifted young guitarist named Enrique Romero, Jr., who I met through, wrote this song.  He asked me to do a little piano bit for the intro, and then after kicking around some ideas, I did the synth tracks for the main body of the song, too.  One of my favorite collabs.
I'll Be Back Someday I had written this song several years ago and recorded it on my older Clavinova (a CVP-83s), and posted it at DigitalSoundPlanet.  There I met another talented young guitarist from France named Thai-Bao Nyugen.  We decided to collaborate on it, and he added the terrific guitar track.  I wish the recording was better, but a lot has changed in the past couple of years.
My Game This is another collaboration with Doc Wilson and Casper Gomez.  Casper produced this one and played guitar.  I did the organ track.  These guys are good - I'm honored to have an opportunity to play with them.
Reminiscing I wrote this song a couple of years back, thinking about the good times I had with my late brother.  Bob Ingram, a versatile and talented musician, laid down the sax, bass and acoustic guitar tracks for it.
Crystalline This is a great tune, written and produced by my friend Wayrockin1 from CJ.  He also played the rhythm guitar and bass.  Vocals are by Doc Wilson, Casper Gomez did the guitar leads and fills, and I played piano and organ.
Silent Night Skinner from CJ graciously added his terrific vocals to a rendition of Silent Night that I did back in 2002.
Conversations on Ice This is a collaboration that Casper organized, and NervePoet, Wayrockin1 and I played on.  The idea was to set the mood of a nervous conversation on a first date.  I wrote and played the first segment.  Nerve added some synth sax toward the end of my segment, as well as synth in several other parts of the song.  NervePoet passed away this summer (2003) - I believe this was his last cyberjam, and it was the only one I ever got to do with him.  RIP, bro.
The Poor Man Knows This is a terrific tune, written and produced by Doc Wilson.  Doc played steel string acoustic, sang and did the drum arrangement.  Daionxx provided the fretless bass, Bob Ingram played sax, and I played piano.
The Times Have Changed I wrote this song back in about 1978, trying to capture a little of the feel of Elton’s early ballads.  My friend Sergio Vuskovic surprised me recently – he found an old recording of the song, wrote lyrics for it and arranged for Myles Loud to sing it.  So this is technically my first cyberjam, though I had no idea it was going on – LOL!
Back To Me Rsergio007 from CJ wrote and produced this beautiful jazz ballad.   He, Myles Loud and Doc Wilson sang (in order of appearance), and he also played bass and guitar.  Doc arranged the drums, Bob Ingram played sax, and I played the piano.
One Last Ride I wrote this song in honor of my friend Rob Quail's favorite Uncle John, who passed away at 90 after a long and adventurous life.  Rob added his emotional guitar to the mix.
Ticking (Elton John) This is a cover of Elton John's "Ticking", from the Caribou album.  Kind of an obscure song, but one of EJ's most poignant.  I played piano, and vocals are by my buddy skinner from CJ.
Good Life Gone Bad My good friend Sergio Vuskovic wrote and produced this one.  I played piano, and Doc Wilson sang.  Lyrics rated "R" ;-)
Get Ready (Rare Earth) A bunch of us from CJ did this cover of Rare Earth's classic for a 70's tribute.  Lmaestro produced it and played bass and sequenced the drums, Bob Ingram played sax, guitar and did the backing vocals, Myles Loud sang, and I played organ.
Sunday Morning I wrote this song several years ago and posted it at CJ as an instrumental one Sunday morning.  Within about an hour, Myles Loud had written lyrics, sang and posted his tracks - turned it into a cool gospel tune.  The guy's amazing ;-)
Gimme Some Lovin' (Spencer Davis Group) I always wanted to do a cover of this tune, one of my old favorites.  My buddy Myles Loud graciously contributed the main and backup vocals, bass and guitar. 
He Went To Paris (Jimmy Buffett) My friend Mike Warner, who sang on this, asked a bunch of us cyberjammers to help out with this tune.  Bob Ingram played guitar and harp, CitizenCain also played guitar, and RangerKarlos played bass.
Time Another great tune written and sung by my good friend Doc Wilson.  He played rhythm, bass, and did the drum arrangement, I played piano, and Casper played lead guitar.
Madworld (Tears For Fears) Or3stes from CJ asked me to help him out with this great cover of Gary Jules' version of this song (as it appeared in the movie "Donnie Darko").  I did the backing, and his vocals were spot-on.  A very haunting song.
Tom Traubert's Blues (Tom Waits) Another collaboration with Mike Warner (vocals) and Bob Ingram (bass and mandolin).  This is a cover of Rod Stewart's rendition of the song.
For Love Alone (Larry Carlton) Hoople from CJ asked me to assist him with his killer rendition of a Larry Carlton classic.  He did a stunning job on lead guitar.
Migraine-Induced Madness I wrote and recorded this song one day when I had a horrendous headache.  My friend Norm Feaster from graciously added a terrific guitar track to it.
Ghost Story This is a cool tune by Scuttlebuttin at CJ - it has a Pink Floyd-type vibe to it.  I did the string and synth tracks for it.
Genny's Scene This one was a long time in the making, written and sung by my bud Skinner.  A CJ collab,  I played piano, drums, bass and acoustic, Bub played electric rhythm guitar, and Wayrockin1 did the tasty solo guitar.  A fun bar-type tune with a great story.
If You'll Just Stay Another of Corey's excellent tunes.  This one started as an instrumental - I contributed the piano track.  Then David Daniels wrote the lyrics, sang and played the terrific lead guitar.
I Want to Fall in Love Again I wrote this some years ago for my wife on our anniversary.  This is a more recent recording (2004), featuring guitar by my friend Norm Feaster.
Faithfully (Journey) This is a collaboration with Doad and micwalt from CJ.  I played piano, synth and drums, micwalt did the incredible vocals, and Doad played guitars and bass, sang backup vocals, and also did the phenomenal job mixing it all together.
Prelude to a Daydream This is a short, unfinished piece I wrote - gotta get around to completing it one day.  My buddy Norm Feaster added a beautiful lead guitar track to it.
Overgrown Great tune, written by Scuttlebuttin from CJ - it has a wonderful Americana vibe, ala Mellencamp/Hootie/Matchbox 20.  I played organ, and Doc Wilson played harmonica - everything else, including production, was done by Scuttlebuttin.
She Still Loves Him (Jellyfish) This is a collaboration cover of a tune by Jellyfish, an interesting band from the early 90's whose sound is reminiscent of the Beatles, Queen and a number of others.  Fantastic vocals and bass by micwalt and tasty guitars by hoople (both from CJ).  I did the rest of the instruments and production.
Scandahoovian Samba This a tune I wrote back in 2001, and finally got around to finishing.  My good friend Norm Feaster graciously provided the tasty lead guitar track.
Old Days Another Doc Wilson production, great tune.  I played piano, Casper Gomez on electric guitar, and everything else by Doc.
First Love I wrote this song back in the late 90's, always wanted to finish it with vocals.  The amazingly talented Mike Walter contributed the vocals and guitar.
Still Crazy After All These Years (Paul Simon) My friend Bob Ingram, who plays sax on this, asked me to create a backing track for this song for him to use in his live one-man gig.  When the track was finished, I thought it would make a great collaboration, so I asked Mike Walter if he'd like to sing it.  As usual, he stepped up to the plate and hit it way out of the park.
Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodeloo (Grateful Dead) This was a fun collaboration with Sergio Vuskovic - he put together the framework and shared guitar duty with Scuttlebuttin, and I played piano.
Maybe I'm Amazed (Paul McCartney) This is a cover of Joe Cocker's rendition of the song.  Myles Loud sang and played the guitar solo, Mott Jones played rhythm guitar, and I did the rest.
Africa (Toto) My cyberjammin friend Mike Walter asked me to help him out with this cover.  Mike did the vocals, bass, percussion and guitar, and I did the synth, marimba, flute and piano bits. 
No Escape (Jeff Arundel) This is a song by a local artist named Jeff Arundel.  I heard the song recently on a Cities 97 CD from '93 and really dug it, so I asked Mike Walter and Doc Wilson if they'd give me a hand with it.  Mike turned in another incredible vocal performance and also played acoustic guitar, Doc chipped in a great harp track, and I did the rest.
Dawn This beautiful song was written by my friend Mike Dodge.  He asked me to add a little something, so I contributed the cello track.
Don't Let It Bring You Down (Neil Young) This is a collaboration I did with Or3stes from CJ - he sang and played guitar, and I did the rest.
Joining a Fan Club (Jellyfish) A cover of a Jellyfish song - vocals and bass by Mike Walter, guitars by Mott Jones, drums by DrumGod, keys and production by me.
Walkin' the Floor (Ernest Tubb) This is a Doc Wilson production - Doc sang, played acoustic and bass, Fred Ellsworth played steel guitar, Casper Gomez played lead guitar, Casper's drummer Mark on skins, and me on piano.
Could Be My good friend Sergio Vuskovic wrote this song.  He played guitars, bass and mandolin, Rodrigo Yoma played drums/percussion and did backup vox, Myles Loud vocals, and me on piano and flute.
Hollywood (Shooting Star) Mike Walter and I covered this Shooting Star hit from 1981.  Mike sang, played guitars and bass, and I did the rest.
Back On My Feet Again (Babys) Another cover I did with Mike Walter - I played piano, organ and synth, and Mike did the rest.
It Was Only Yesterday (Larry Carlton) Mott Jones provided the beautiful guitar work on this collaboration of an old Larry Carlton song.
Footsteps This is an original song by my friend Scuttlebuttin (Sean Decataldo) - I just played organ on it, he did all the rest.
Letting Go I wrote this song after my father passed away in 1981.  My friend Mike Walter contributed the guitar on this collaboration.
Oh Darlin' (Beatles) Rob Quail dropped in on Doc Wilson for a visit while he was traveling, and they cooked up this cover.  Rob did the lead vocals and guitar, Doc played bass, sang harmony and arranged the drums, and they asked me to lay down a piano track to finish it off.
Two Doors Down (Dwight Yoakam) Doc Wilson organized and produced this collaboration - I played piano on it.
Everybody Hurts (REM) Myles Loud (vocals) and Mott Jones (guitars) helped me a ton with this cover of Joe Cocker's rendition of this song.
Inner City Blues (Marvin Gaye) Doc Wilson produced this 5-man collaboration and did a masterful job.  Mike Walter sang the lead vocals, Doc did backup vox, acoustic guitar and triangle, Diaonxx played bass, Bob Ingram played sax and I played the keys.
A Man I'll Never Be (Boston) This was a fun collaboration with some friends over at  Solitude sang and played acoustic guitar,  ksdb played bass, I played keys, and SG Std played electric guitars and handled production.
Darkness This is my first collab with my son Jordan - he asked me to contribute a piano solo to this cool beat that he wrote.
Goodbye This is just me, not a collab - it's an instrumental I wrote back in 1981.
Close To You This is a cover of a song by an artist named Ziv - Mike Walter sang, Ukelele from Guitarblast played guitar, and I played piano and did the production.