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The WannaBees

A guitarist named Wes Powell and I have a long-standing collaboration, and we call ourselves "The WannaBees".  Our intent was to pursue music in the smooth jazz genre, but we have wandered into some other territory as well.  We hope to have enough material for a CD one of these days - we keep telling everyone that it will be available in the spring of 2010 - LOL!  At the less than torrid pace at which we crank out tunes, that estimate may not be too far off.

Here are the songs we've finished so far, in their order of completion.  They will all be re-mastered at some point:

Softer Voices This was our first effort.  Wes wrote this song, and did all but the piano and sax tracks, which I provided.
Life Goes On I wrote this song a couple of days after 9/11, thinking of the tragedy.  My original rendition was the first song I ever posted online.  Wes and I re-did it, trying to capture many of the emotions of that day - our innocence, the shock, anger, sadness and hope.  Wes played the guitar and sparkly synth tracks on this one, and the rain you hear was recorded outside his studio window.
Why Not I wrote this song, and did all but the guitar tracks, which Wes provided.  Kind of a happy smooth jazz tune with everything but the kitchen sink.
Promises of Paradise This song has kind of a Spanish flair.  Wes wrote it and recorded all but the piano and horn tracks.
Grown I wrote this song for my oldest son when he graduated from high school a couple of years ago.  Wes played the guitars, and we were joined by special guest vocalist Myles Loud.
Blue I wrote this song several years back, originally imagining it with a Joe Cocker-like feel.  It turned out more along the lines of a Ray Charles piece, which suits it well, I think.  Wes played guitar and bass, and Myles Loud graciously sang and played sax.
Take Five This is a cover of the classic made famous by Dave Brubeck.  Wes played the guitar tracks, I played piano and bass, and our special guest drummer was ParadigmShift from CJ.